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I’ve always had a bicycle, but I used it only for leisure rides or physical conditioning. This changed in 1998, when I went to the United States. I found out a Dutch labmate, Marjon, and my boss, Bruce, both biked to work. It was my first contact with bicycles as a mode for urban transportation. Marjon got me a bike  and I also started commuting that way. In fact, I would go everywhere in my bicycle. I’ve never stopped. When I returned to Rio, at the end of 1999, I kept riding in the city. At that time, there weren’t that many urban cyclists there. In 2015, Sandra and I took our first biketour and this opened my mind again to other mobility possibilities that involved bikes. We also discovered cycle activism and became involved in trying to create a more inclusive city not just for cyclists, but for everybody.



I always loved bikes. In my childhood and beginning of teenage years, I faced the crazy traffic of Rio de Janeiro, firstly with my Caloi Fórmula C3 (a 3-speed internal hub), and later with a beloved Caloi 10 (a 10-speed road bike). Going from Zona Sul to Barra in the 80/90’s was not a problem, besides the lack of bike paths and the not-so-friendly drivers. Going to and from friends’ houses on mornings, nights or dawns was frequent. I crossed the Rebouças tunnel twice… :/  Bikes were my vehicle.

I had plans to do a tour around Europe by bike by my 25 years…

My 25 years came, passed by, and no bike tour through Europe…  🙁  The Caloi 10 stayed, rusty, in the locker room… 🙁

Canada arrived, and also a new used bike… Some local rides, but not many. And then, we moved to Toronto. In 3 weeks, my Nakamura was stolen. 🙁  An excuse to upgrade a little bit… Another used road bike… And the pedal started spinning again! 🙂  New thoughts, new plans: travels, randonnées (influenced by Ana)… And then, came a gravel Jamis! And, at least, bike touring, initiated in a good way with Fred, Sandra and Celina! 🙂